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Kube Weekly is where we gather and share the latest happenings in the Kubernetes ecosystem across vendor integrations, open source contributions, exciting announcements, blog content, events and more!If you’re searching for the latest happenings and news regarding the Kubernetes ecosystem, look no further than the following amalgamation of information!plus as always ready to view online or download to watch on your PC, Apple Mac or TV PLUS all picture sets can be downloaded in zip files!

Today's @googlecloud #docker and #kubernetes tip: Run `gcloud docker –authorize-only` to setup short lived docker authentication to your project's Now you can do `docker push` without `gcloud docker — push` Which is handy if you have docker shell completion.👍 — Mark Mandel (@Neurotic) December 21, 2017 @Mattdash J is my #Kubernetes Obi-Wan Kenobi.Every time I hit a micro service wall he is there to give me the push I need to use the force and move along.Soon these two blonde beauties are having a wonderful time with their soft flesh and just as soft gloves.Oh Candi you are beautiful and you fill my dreams with your wonderful body, soft voice and heavenly way you slowly tease me while putting on your gloves.

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